Raising Private Capital


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Raising Business Investment


Raising business funding in today’s uncertain world has never been more important.

Listen as Mark Stokes & Nigel Greene share their knowledge & experiences of Raising Business Investment, enabling organisations to grow & fulfil their potential.

This is a perfect listen for anyone who has the passion but not yet gained the systems, processes & confidence to engage professionally with potential investors and to form powerful and mutually fulfilling relationship that can last a lifetime.

The function of raising finance is crucial in bringing to life your strategy and enabling you to deliver your product or service and to create a successful business.

So why do so many people struggle to gain the confidence, governance, and systems to master how to raise predictable funding at required levels to unlock powerful business growth and enable your strategy?

With a combined 60 years experience in running businesses, Nigel Greene & Mark Stokes are regularly asked for support in this area and with recent turmoil in the markets this is increasing weekly.