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With 50+ years of combined experience in board-level business and property investment, and comprehensive backgrounds in engineering and construction, Mark and Nigel have the experience and expertise to guide you in the world of property development.

Their extensive experience in operating and managing complex global projects provides them with a unique insight into risk management and robust business strategy. EquaAcademy has been created so that Mark and Nigel can pass this invaluable knowledge on to you.

All of the resources, tools, and courses that we’ve created are focused on keeping your business, property developments, and investors safe, happy, and successful.

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Mark Stokes

About Mark Stokes

With over 30 years’ experience as a property developer, mentor, author and business investor, Mark has a strong passion for creating shared value and inspiring others to achieve assured outcomes.

Mark left his successful corporate career and achieved financial independence in his mid-forties to build a portfolio of multi-generational assets from property through to business ownership and investment.

Co-founding EquaAcademy, Mark provides high-performance training and mentoring, supporting those with varying levels of experience in property and business, ranging from those starting out in their journey through to seasoned experts looking for their next stage of growth. His property interests span across commercial to residential conversions. Buy to Lets, HMO’s and new build land developments exceeding £100m.

His passion for sharing knowledge has led Mark to become nationally recognised in the areas of Property Development, Raising Private Capital and SSAS pensions, writing 5 highly acclaimed and best-selling books.

Nigel Greene

About Nigel Greene

With 28 years Board level business and property expertise, in the engineering, construction, energy and the telecoms industries, Nigel has founded and operated within many national and international businesses deploying complex projects of a value between £1million – £500million, and over the past 20+ years has built a personal multi million pound international property portfolio that continues to grow annually.

Leaving the corporate world for the last time in March 2015, Nigel, along with his Partners, established EquaGroup focusing on a combined passion for creating massive shared and sustainable value through property and building a powerful and enduring legacy for future generations.

Nigel has business interests in residential and commercial property, property and business training and mentoring and has been a SSAS Pension Trustee since 2016 and is an active property and business Investor.

Mentorship & Mastermind designed for your success

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Become part of a vibrant, active community of developers, investors, and property professionals

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Learn how to create a successful property strategy and build a profitable development business

3. Grow

Build on your success, grow your wealth and succeed in meeting your personal and property goals

Books by Mark Stokes


SSAS Superstars: How 10 Entrepreneurs Unlocked Their Pensions, Without Waiting to Retire

SSAS Superstars shines a light on ten entrepreneurs who show you how to grow your personal wealth, reaching financial security and beyond.


Commercial to Residential Conversions: The essential manual for property developers​​

This essential manual by business and development expert, Mark Stokes, is based on his 3 decades experiencing global corporate life, business.


SSAS Pensions: Creating extraordinary levels of compounding wealth

Are you serious and passionate about: – Having flexibility in your investment strategy – Leaving a legacy and planning for the long-term.


Property & SSAS Secrets

Imagine if you had all the funds you need to create a property portfolio that will enable your family’s financial independence. Well, this book will show you how that is possible with a SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme) pension.