An industry-leading property investment and development analyser that allows you to evaluate complex property opportunities easily

Industry Leading Property Development Analysis Tool

A proven investment deal analysing tool exclusively developed by EquaAcademy


EquaiDA is a powerful tool for analysing and evaluating any property development and investment opportunities. The EquaiDA will help you stay financially responsible and organised throughout the entire process.

Mark and Nigel have used the tool across all of their property development and investment businesses across decades. It’s been proven to be the ideal modelling tool for analysing financial investments or development opportunities.

Some of EquaiDA’s key features and benefits:

  • Review all of your investments and developments in one place, whether they’re single or mix-use
  • Constant updates to keep the tool in-line with market and legislation changes
  • Detailed cash flow forecasts on multiple levels, across the entire investment or development term
  • A straightforward, easy-to-use checklist approach means you can avoid any costs being missed
  • Review alternative funding options with ease
  • Accurate calculation of investment requirements and returns
  • Sandpit functionality allows stress-testing of potential investments and developments across value, cost, time, or all 3 at the same time.

Developed by property investors with decades of experience

Over the past 5 years, we’ve worked continuously on the EquaiDA to create a tool that you can rely on. With regular updates being released every month, you can be confident in knowing that we are working hard to maintain the industry-leading effectiveness of the EquaiDA, regardless of how the property market changes.

Having recently released our 61st update to the EquaiDA, which includes 17 key updates to its functionality, there’s never been a better time to try it. EquaiDA will revolutionise the way you analyse, evaluate, and manage your property investment and development deals!