Tailored 1-2-1 property development mentoring and guidance, wherever you are in your property journey

Build a strategy that works

Learn from property experts

Access industry-leading resources 

Learn from trusted experts and property
professionals who care

EquaMentorship is a property mentoring programme designed to provide all of the support, training, and resources you need to build a successful property development business.

Whether you’re looking to build a portfolio of buy-to-lets or move onto larger commercial developments, EquaMentorship provides the accountability and guidance you need to confidently grow and move forward.

Mark and Nigel have made many business leaps themselves over the last three decades, so they know the value that first-class training and networking plays in personal growth. EquaMentorship has been crafted to provide this in the form of a network of trusted professionals, a bank of shared knowledge, and personalised 1-2-1 guidance on a monthly basis.

The best time to start is now. Sign up for the EquaMentorship programme today and experience the benefits that mentorship can bring to your property development journey.

Mentorship to keep you safe, accountable and on track to achieve your goals


  • 30-minute 1-2-1 call every month with Mark or Nigel 
  • Full access to our EquaiDA package
  • Full access to EquaHUB
  • Specialist mentoring sessions, including EquaiDA training
  • Complimentary online access to the Developers Programme via EquaHUB
  • Success Blueprint Wall Planner


Learn from property development experts that put your success first


Since leaving the corporate world in 2015, Mark and Nigel have established multiple prosperous property development businesses. They are also trustees of a successful SSAS pension and co-founders of the SSAS Alliance.

Despite backgrounds in engineering and construction, and a combined 50+ years of board-level business and property experience, they sought out mentors to further their growth and drive success. They learnt from the best and now they want to bring that knowledge to you.

Working with experts and professionals at every stage of your property development journey is vital to your on-going success. Having that knowledge team in place is what will make your projects a success!

EquaMentorship is here to be your guide, your teacher, and your supporter, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed. 

Regular check-ins, webinars, and training sessions mean you’ll never have to go it alone

  • Learn from property development experts, draw on an incredible pool of knowledge that will allow you to confidently grow and improve
  • Get all of your questions answered by trusted experts who are actively project managing multiple large developments
  • Work with us to create a strategy that works for you as well as seeing how other property developers use and leverage their strategies
  • Have all of the knowledge and resources you need at your fingertips through the EquaHUB and our fantastic community
  • Build momentum and create exponential growth with a powerful combination of top-class knowledge, consistent action, and reliable accountability
  • Develop great habits that focus on a positive mindset, allowing you to build the future you dream of

EquaMentorship includes regular 1-2-1 guidance, networking opportunities, training sessions and webinars, as well as tailored advice every step of the way.