The Commercial Conversions Bootcamp










What is the Commercial Conversions Bootcamp?

Our all-in-one Commercial Conversion Bootcamp three day IN-PERSON training event The Commercial Conversion Bootcamp, combines the knowledge of our expert trainers. Giving you the incredible property networking opportunity, allowing you to discover the simple strategy to craft a 7-figure commercial conversion property portfolio of your own. 

On this Training You Will Learn:


  • How ANYONE can create 5 or 6 figure profits from a single Commercial Conversion – even if they have zero previous experience
  • Why investors are turning their backs on buy to let – and why ONE Commercial Conversion is potentially worth 5 BTLs
  • The recent government changes that open the doors to brand new investors in the Commercial Conversion sector of property investing
  • The simple formula to follow to fund, and then flip or fill Commercial Conversions using other people’s money
  • How this particular strategy presents an exciting ‘blank canvas’ for both veteran and beginner investors
Mark Stokes

Who You’ll Be Learning From:


You will be learning from Mark and Nigel who are no strangers to the world of property investing.

When it comes to commercial conversion, Mark and Nigel are some of the best in the business!

Between them, they have almost 50 years of expertise in property and construction.

Both Nigel and Mark know the importance of shared and sustainable value through business and property while building a powerful legacy for future generations.


Why The Commercial Conversion Conference Bootcamp is a Game Changer 


At the end of this property course, you will know the best property, business and wealth strategies that are working now, so you can start creating your own 7-figure commercial conversion portfolio to get you generating extra cashflow in years to come! 

Whether you are new to commercial conversions or a seasoned pro, this course will equip you with everything you need to thrive in property including the latest strategies and best practices on how to uncover the thriving UK commercial property strategy without needing any construction site experience or a penny of your own money!