Hopefully you’ve read PART 1 which covers all the action from the morning of the Brooklands Property Grand Prix. Well if you thought that was outstanding…here’s PART 2!

The afternoon got off to a phenomenal start. We all held our breath as Mark Stokes spun the ‘wheel of prizes’ and gave away free books and a free place on our Developers Programme!

The prize giving was followed up with this years EquaAcademy awards. It’s always an honour to recognise the outstanding achievements of members of our community:

🏆 Social Impact Initiative
Winners: Richard Kennedy & David Ball from Cornerstone Place

🏆 Sustainability Initiative
Winners: Susan Schlee & CathyMocke

🏆 Developer of the year
Winner: Ian & Matt Kavanagh

🏆 Deal of the year
Winner: Tatiana Preobrazhenskaya

🏆 Business of the year
Winner: Nicky Carr and Wesley Richards of RUBY ASHLEY

🏆 Start-up of the year
Winner: Jake Suthers of THE QS COMPANY

Hugh congratulations to all of our winners!

And the shared knowledge just kept coming:

  • Jake Suthers from The QS Company gave an fantastic update on contractor selection
  • Chris Smith from GMS FC shared outstanding advise about finance, strategy and structure
  • Usman Nazir from James Nazir & Co shared brilliant insights into the power of capital allowances
  • Michael Halfpenny from ICW shared insights on building warranties and building control
  • Tatiana Preobrazhenskaya amazed us with creating value with structuring and planning strategies
  • Jonathan Newsham from Dunore Utility Connections shared essential tips for connecting your utilities
  • Nigel Greene finished the day with his top tips for analysing development deals

The amount of knowledge, tips and tricks shared on the day by all the amazing people mentioned above was phenomenal. We can’t possibly share it all with you in a blog but we can provide you with the presentations from the afternoon which we hope will give you an insight into the detail that was covered – CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

⭐️ WHAT A DAY! Full on, high energy, high-performance, fun…simply unbelievable and we thank our entire community for their support.

We look forward to seeing you all again on 13th January for the next Brooklands Property Grand Prix!!