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The Commercial Conversion Conference

Our all-in-one FREE Commercial Conversion Conference one day IN-PERSON training event The Commercial Conversion Conference, combines the knowledge of our expert trainers. Giving you the incredible property networking opportunity, allowing you to discover the simple strategy to craft a 7-figure commercial conversion property portfolio of your own. 

Why you should be at The Commercial Conversion Conference 

Discover the best property, business and wealth strategies that are working now, so you can start creating your own 7-figure commercial conversion portfolio to get you generating extra cashflow in years to come! 

On This Training, You Will Learn:

Next Commercial Conversion Conference will be held on 27th January 2024


The Commercial Conversion Masterclass

Kick-Start 2024! Special Announcement OnThe Night…

Uncover The THRIVING UK Commercial Conversion Strategy in One Comprehensive FREE Webinar
No Construction Site Experience, Surveyor Knowledge Or A PENNY Of Your Own Money Required!

Listen Closely For Just 60 Minutes, And You’ll Learn:

  • Why The Commercial Conversion Property Strategy Is Blowing Investors’ Minds – And Blowing Their Competition Out Of The Water
  • The Key Difference That Seperates Commercial Conversions From The Traditional Property Strategies Such As Buy To Lets (BTLs)
  • How ANYONE Can Complete A Successful Commercial Conversion Regardless Of Their Previous Experience
  • The Inside Knowledge We’ve Acquired That Has Helped Our Students Generate 6-Figure Profits From Just ONE Deal
  • The Industry ‘Red Tape’ That YOU Need To Be Aware Of If You’re Seriously Considering Property Investing
  •  And Stay Tuned For A Very Special Announcement From Mark Stokes…


The next webinar will be held on: 28th December 2023