🔥 To succeed in the world of property you WILL NEED fantastic Planning advice, guidance, and support.
Nigel Greene and I are in talks daily about Planning in one form or another, whether about our own developments or those of our Masterminders.
For this reason, Nigel Greene has joined forces with David Kemp from DRK Planning to create for you a bonus 5-part Planning Masterclass!
David is a master at uncovering realistic and pragmatic Planning advice and support. We are really excited to bring you this Masterclass…it is PACKED FULL of essential educational info!
During this series David & Nigel answer 5 of the hottest planning questions in the world of property today 👇🏻
1. What is the difference between Prior Approval and Full Planning?
2. What steps do I need to take along my journey through the planning process?
3. Why do I need planning permission?
4. What is planning gain and what do I need to understand if I chose this as my strategy?
5. What are the planning pitfalls and things I need to watch out for?

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