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If you’re looking to find and fund your next development project…I have something for you. It’s called the 5-Day Find and Fund Challenge. 


It’s a FREE 5-day challenge for property or want to be property developers. 


If that’s you then, here’s what you can expect during this challenge:


🔥 Day 1 – The NUMBER 1 rule that must be followed to find the best deals.

🔥Day 2 – The essential 3 things you need to know to maximise the GDV of your development.

🔥 Day 3 – How to spot the simple mistakes most developers make with their planning applications, that almost guarantee they are getting rejected!

🔥 Day 4 – How to position your deal so the banks are falling over themselves to fund it

🔥 Day 5 – Q&A / Pitch – Is this the only live session? 


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