Zurich House is now approaching completion with an expected final hand over date expected January. In line with the Equa long term strategy and our belief in the asset class being developed and their fundamental place in society, we have decided to retain all 53 units to be held long term as a Private Rented Scheme (PRS).

Whilst the asset is now drawing to completion and we think you will agree, very impressive there have been many challenges along the way including Covid lockdowns, material and labour shortages and our main contractor liquidity and performance, all of which have taken time by our dedicated team to resolve and we are almost there!

The important things that we have always been resolute about are the integrity of the asset, its quality and its place in the market to serve the societal need. Whilst it may have taken longer for us to get there than we envisioned, we are thrilled to see the 53 apartments only a couple of months away from completion and the pictures really don’t do it justice just yet. We will share professional photographs with you shortly.

We are delighted to announce that we are offering you the opportunity to continue your investment on the same terms and security with the enhancement of interest being served annually and over a 3-year term.

We expect this new investment to commence in December 2021 and you can find the details of this continued investment and your options moving forward by clicking here.