Meet Luke. Two weeks ago Luke was homeless.

Luke is now one of our newest residents at Stamford Villa in Manchester. A facility providing 100,000 homeless bed nights over the coming decades.

Luke has children, family members and wants to turn his life around and needs a few months of stability, a place to call home, the basic provisions many of us take for granted (shelter, warmth, security, toilet & wash facilities, water and a place to cook).

He has personal pride and wants to contribute back to society in time.

The photo shows him (identity removed out of respect and privacy) discussing with Angela Rayner MP what these basic provisions in life now mean to him and how he is turning his life around, reconnecting with family and enabling the space to build stability and progress back into his life.

We are helping REAL people overcome REAL challenges in life, at a difficult time, when for them, they feel their options are very limited.

There are many people like Luke who just need that break to turn their circumstances around and we at Cornerstone Place Ltd are proud to work with our amazing partners to provide long term support to those vulnerable and homeless to help them take the next steps to recovering confidence, dignity and hope for a great future.