SSAS Investor Club (by invite only) – October 2020

SSAS Investor Club is a unique and exclusive Club of SSAS Trustees and investor who all share THREE common fundamentals embodied in interests and aligned values, namely

  • Passionate about taking control of their personal economy
  • Breaking the traditional pension mould and establishing a Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme (SSAS)
  • Recognise the Continuous Professional Development required to be a SSAS Trustee

The SSAS Investor Club meets quarterly and holds monthly virtual updates and includes these exclusive features:

  • Earn & Learn
  • SSAS Trustee Networking opportunities
  • Development Site visits and tours
  • Luncheon and Coffee discussion sessions
  • Due Diligence workshops
  • Structured learning modules
  • Investment opportunity
  • Guest speakers

The SSAS Investor Club is by invitation only’ and if you would like more details then click on the link below.

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