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Going it alone is tough. We wouldn’t have got where we are today without the professional advice, connections and support we’ve had along the way.

We created EquaPortal so that you don’t have to go it alone or make costly mistakes that we could help you avoid. We guide our members through the inevitable ups and downs, so that they can create a business and an income that gives them the lifestyle, freedom and choices they want.


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Whether you're just starting out or looking to take on bigger projects, we have the resources, tools and strategies to help you succeed

EquaPortal - £564 + VAT

  • Monthly recorded Q&As with Mark & Nigel. Submit your questions and we’ll answer them
  • Multiple templates & working documents, created for and currently used in our own property business
  • Extensive library of information & resources, including a growing bank of bite-size video trainings
  • Insights, shared learnings and case studies from other property developers and professionals
  • Recorded webinars with Mark & Nigel, guest experts and EquaAcademy members
  • Access to our unique EquaDA deal analyser tool. Your new secret weapon! (see below for more info)

Your new secret weapon

Our EquaDA is a unique deal analyser tool that we use every day in our own property business.

With a bank grade methodology and RICS approach to valuation and costs, you can accurately model the cash flow of your development and ensure your company remains in good financial health over the duration of a project.

This innovative tool is constantly updated to capture legislation changes, current trends and the extensive learning and feedback we get from our community and our own developments.


A word from our community

Commercial Property Investment Masterclass - Equa CPIM

Do you want to learn about and harness the powerful combination of SSAS Pensions and Commercial Property Investment Masterclass (CPIM)?

Well, we have a very unique programme run by Mark & Nigel.

Whether you have a SSAS, are exploring if a SSAS is right for you or wish to raise SSAS funding for your development, this is the programme for you.



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Why learn from us?

Mark Stokes and Nigel Greene

With backgrounds in engineering and construction, we humbly bring a combined 40+ years of board level business and property expertise to the table.

Our extensive experience of operating complex global projects ensures that risk management and sound business operations are an inherent part of everything we do – and everything we now teach other property developers to do. 

All the systems, tools and processes we’ve created, and use in our own high profitable development business, are focused on keeping your business, developments and investors safe, so everyone wins. 

Nigel Greene
Mark Stokes

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10 things you MUST do to avoid costly mistakes when analysing any property deal

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