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No need to go it alone

Taking on or investing in a property development doesn’t come without risk. And there are no guarantees. But there are effective, tried and tested strategies that can help you avoid costly mistakes and minimise risk.

At Equa we help you:

  • Find & structure commercial property deals that are right for you
  • Learn how to become investable and attract all the investment you need
  • Massively shorten the learning curve with proven strategies that maximise gains and minimise risk
  • Create assets and grow your wealth in highly tax efficient ways
  • Build resilience by leveraging sustainable income streams that allow you to quit the 9-5
  • Learn ways to engage and involve your children in your business and create the future you dream of

With the right support & guidance, you can win the day

Check out some of the ways we help you avoid mistakes, navigate the pitfalls and come out a winner


Learn from trusted experts and set yourself up for success with access to our extensive training portal


Access the support, accountability and mentoring that will keep you safely on track and ensure you never have to go it alone


Join our events, grow your network and learn advanced techniques to accelerate your success

The stakes are high. We’re here to provide the safety net

After 22 years, we left corporate life in 2015 to focus on our property development business, so we could build a powerful and enduring legacy for our family and future generations.

And boy, we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We’ve probably come up against, and found a solution to, most of the common pitfalls and mistakes that could trip you up. It’s why our clients trust us to guide them through their own property journey, providing the support, tools and strategies to help them win.

We know the stakes are high and property development isn’t something to jump into without first ensuring you have a safety net in place. We’re here to provide the safety net.


Training and mentorship programmes designed with your success in mind

1. Connect

Get access to EquaAcademy today and join a vibrant community of investors, developers and property professionals

2. Empower

Learn the strategies we've developed, tested and refined to build a highly profitable development business

3. Grow

Create an income, grow your wealth and enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you want for you & your family

Follow In The Footsteps Of Other Property Business Professionals…

10 things you MUST do to avoid costly mistakes when analysing any property deal

Why learn from us?

Nigel Greene and Mark Stokes

With backgrounds in engineering and construction, we humbly bring a combined 40+ years of board level business and property expertise to the table.

Our extensive experience of operating complex global projects ensures that risk management and sound business operations are an inherent part of everything we do – and everything we now teach other property developers to do. 

All the systems, tools and processes we’ve created, and use in our own high profitable development business, are focused on keeping your business, developments and investors safe, so everyone wins. 

Nigel Greene
Mark Stokes

Books by Mark Stokes

  • Commercial to Residential Conversions: The essential manual for property developers​​

    This essential manual by business and development expert, Mark Stokes, is based on his 3 decades experiencing global corporate life, business

  • Advice To Your Younger Self

    If you could wind the clock back, what advice would you give your younger self? Imagine how life might be different if you knew then, what you know now.

  • SSAS Pensions: Creating extraordinary levels of compounding wealth

    Are you serious and passionate about: – Having flexibility in your investment strategy – Leaving a legacy and planning for the long-term

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